St. Andrew’s Cross and Old Glory

The Motherland and the New World


6 thoughts on “St. Andrew’s Cross and Old Glory

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  1. good evening Michelle thank you for reminding me re St Andrew, this year St Andrew,s night sort of slipped in to the background as I watched in stunned shock the story of the Clutha Bar Glasgow unfold , that was 15 days ago I have,nt heard why the police helicopter fell from the sky that night have you . an eye witness report from someone inside the Clutha Bar said  “there was a band playing when we heard the loud bang we joked that they were so good they were bringing the roof down and they carried on playing”  120 people inside the Clutha Bar at 10.25pm enjoying a great band and celabrating  St Andrew,s night did not expect or deserve that . and like all these guys some of whom I knew and had talked to the week before in the twin  towers of 9 11 did not expect or deserve that. one never knows what is round the next corner. regards for now Sheila Q

  2. Such a sad and senseless tragedy Sheila, million to one odds.But as horrible as the accident was, just as touching was the story of Glasgow citizens pitching in and risking their own lives to help victims at the scene. “The Scots Character is Forged in Granite/That is no Timid Reed. Shaken by the Wind.”

  3. hi Michelle I will be going to Cathie,s (Robert,s mother) to walk her spaniel and my 2 up to the loch about 2.30 ish if you would like to go for a muddy walk in the watery sun ????they live in the house that you see to the right above the path going to the barn regards Sheila

  4. thank you for your company today enjoyed the blether sorry the photos are quite dark, had to send you the strange one of the dogs

  5. hi Michelle this is the blog I am following I am a bit fed up with it just now as the last months seem to be about wish lists play lists wish lists for guys ect ect but in the archives early on there is some interesting advice and notes so maybe she might come up with something else , hope you are well will be at Cathy,s at 2.30 ish friday Sheila

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