Exploring Scotland’s Food Trails


VisitScotland has developed a variety of food trails celebrating the best of the country’s bountiful larder. While some trails showcase food and drink that Scotland is well known for, such as whisky and seafood (featuring Oban area producers prominently, of course), others may not be so obvious. From cheese to chocolate to ice cream, there is so much local goodness for your taste buds to discover in and around Oban, and this week I highlight some of our local ‘trailblazers’ for the Oban and Lorn Tourism Alliance blog here.



Unwind…with Deep Oscillation Therapy from Oban Massage

unwindAs a writer, I spend an average of eight hours a day at my computer. This causes muscle strain on my eyes, head, neck, shoulders and back, and, like many folks who sit at a desk for a living, I suffer from tension and knots in these areas. In addition, I suffer from migraines. In search of relief, I have visited many massage therapists over the years and tried everything from deep muscle to Swedish treatments. The best treatment I had found, up to now, was Thai massage- a very aggressive, deep tissue massage that really works those knots out, temporarily, anyway-but it is painful to undergo and leaves me sore for a couple of days afterward.

Recently, I tried a new type of treatment called Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT), offered by Lynne Goodall of Oban Massage. DOT uses electrostatic impulses to knead the body’s tissues.  It is an internationally patented therapy, researched and developed in Germany over two decades, and the technology is now being used in the UK for a variety of applications. Migraines, muscle tension, back pain, arthritis, sinusitis, and even fibromyalgia and MS, have all shown positive results with DOT. You can even get a relaxing facial!

The unit itself- called a PysioPod- is portable, and Lynne can bring it to your home, along with her nice, comfortable massage table. Once you are on the table, Lynne has you gently hold a small object in your hand, while the other end touches her, creating an energy circuit. The PysioPod is turned on and it emits a quiet humming sound. Lynne then proceeds to massage as usual, but without the pressure she would usually use- the vibrations from the PysioPod do the work of releasing the tension 8-12 cm deep, without having to apply hard compression. The feeling is relaxing, and the sound of the Pod lulls me nearly to sleep.

Lynne always makes you feel pampered, finishing with a heavenly head massage. She has a naturally healing, calming touch and demeanour, as well as outstanding technique. Her 16 years’ experience really show- she instinctively knows where problem areas are and is able to target exactly where it hurts.

I am very excited about DOT, and find the therapy brings me longer lasting relief than any other type of massage. I would highly recommend it, no matter what your particular problem might be. Thanks to Lynne at Oban Massage for this revelation!

Visit Oban Massage at http://www.obanmassage.co.uk/ or ring 01631 571261 or 07760 434908, or check them out on Facebook.

Local Heroes

Adventures in the Mother Country

2015 is the year of Scotland Food & Drink and programmes to promote it are already kicking off. This week I dropped in on a Taste Our Best workshop sponsored by Visit Scotland‘s Food and Drink Quality Assurance Scheme, which is “designed to drive change in use and promotion of Scottish produce.” Workshops were presented on how local businesses can benefit from the scheme- topics such as food tourism and quality assurance. In another room, area producers and processors showcased their products and services. Paradise Kitchen was there with famous preserves, jams and chutneys, Oban Chocolate Company showed off some dreamy concoctions and Great Glen Game was on hand with bites of to-die-for charcuterie. The Kitchen Garden, Oban’s home of all things gourmet and scrumptious, prepared an impressive spread of canapés and sandwiches stuffed with indigenous goodness such as smoked salmon, fruit preserves and savoury pickles.


Paradise Kitchen at…

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